South Central CUSD 401 Board Actions for October 2021

  • The Board approved the minutes, bills, and treasurer’s report.

  • The Board approved the district substitute list as presented.

  • The Board approved the superintendent to purchase van(s) for student and school business use when found.

  • The Board accepted the resignation of Michelle Hawkins as a certified employee effective 11/5/21.

  • The Board hired Travis Mulvaney as a lunchroom supervisor for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • The Board heard reports from district building administrators: Sara Rose/Jake Skibinski, Greg Grinestaff and James VanScyoc. The Board once again thanked the staff and the administrators for their dedication and hard work during a very challenging time.

  • The Board heard a report from district superintendent Kerry Herdes regarding the bid process for district HVAC and bus solicitation. Bids will be due by the next board meeting. He also gave a report on the ESSER 1 (CARES ACT) and the ESSER 2 Funds Emergency Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief funds, both of which were passed by president Trump and his former administration. Both of these funds have been used for COVID relief efforts so far. Focused very narrowly on addressing learning loss, catching students up due to time lost, providing educational learning tools, etc. In addition to these items the district has pushed to retrofit all buildings with state of the art HVAC equipment on all rooftops in the district. These new units as well as old units will be fitted with UV ionizing equipment to purify the air and eliminate impurities including COVID 19.  

The superintendent also pointed out that the district was still being funded at 65% adequacy this year, which created a shortfall in district funds. The goal of the Evidence Based Funding school funding formula was to fund the schools in Illinois to end at 100%, with increases every year to get to 100%. This has not been the case.

He also pointed out to board members he has not yet started the application for the American Rescue Plan (ESSER 3) that was the latest relief plan passed by the Biden Administration. Currently he is focusing on getting a handle on the first 2 grants and the encyclopedia of paperwork that comes with that money and writing, reporting, and all the paperwork to actually see the money is a multi step process with many approval layers to satisfy ISBE grant approval personnel, then comes the reporting and fiscal submissions of every cent that is spent.

He thanked the board, staff, students, parents, and community members for their support during this difficult time. He focused once again on being extremely proud of the South Central School staff and family with how they have stepped up, made modifications to take care of their students the best way they can. Many times they have put their personal opinions aside to do their jobs. Most times going above and beyond the regular scope of their positions in their daily activities. His goal is to mirror exactly what those dedicated staff members are doing for their students and plan well into the future with all district needs.