This is an exciting year with a new schedule, new online curriculum, new Chromebooks, and new classroom practices. We have sixty minutes in class time which will be divided up into four primary chunks of Silent Reading, Skills/Strategies Instruction, Group/Partner Practice, and Independent Work Time.

During the first of this year, while your student will be getting used to the new schedule and class routines, we will be assessing his/her reading abilities utilizing a variety of assessments. We will use our findings to individualize your student's lessons on skills and strategies and determine students who will be considered for RTI help.

Some Key Practices:Independent Reading - Your child will be picking out a library book for nightly independent reading. They will be required to read 20 pages/2 chapters/ or 30 minutes each day and will keep a log of their reading. Students will discuss their reading daily with the teacher. Students will be graded on an average using quiz scores or summary reports.

Vocabulary - Students will be given key term and vocabulary lists periodically. They are to complete the assigned or choice activities in order to prepare for the quiz. Students will also be participating in classroom activities in order to increase their word knowledge.

Journal - The journal will be used to keep notes on reading skills and to practice these skills in journal writes and through class and group activities. Topics include but are not limited to teacher given topics, strategies and skills focus, and independent reading questions, connections, and thoughts.

Centers - At times activities will be assigned during independent work time. Students will have one week to complete these activities and turn them in for a grade.

Research - There will be 3-4 mini research projects this year, some given by the teacher, others from student interests. Each project will be given one week for completion. Students will be creating a mini-webpage to show the knowledge gained.

Teacher Log - Documentation of student learning, individual strategies and skills learned, partner/group work, and conferencing notes/goals.

We are trying to individualize your child's classroom learning and tailor it to their specific needs. Since the curriculum will be new to the classroom, we expect changes to continually improve the classroom learning experience. We ask for your patience in this endeavor.