In languages arts class we will be studying grammar, spelling and writing. We will be using our online textbook, Study Sync, for the grammar lessons along with extra practice handouts. I will also be utilizing other sources and the internet to supplement the book. Each grammar unit will be followed by a writing unit.

Spelling consists of a word list and choice activities to reinforce their knowledge and prepare for the final spelling test. Textbook lessons are sometimes assigned or chosen by the students in order to learn the words. Spelling activities are usually due on Thursday and the test on Friday.

Students will engage daily in free writing in their journals. Class instruction will include lessons on narrative, expository, argumentative writing, and poetry. I like to have my classes do much of the writing during class time in order to assess their progress and offer suggestions but some outside writing will be necessary. Students will also be assessing their own writing and setting goals for improvement. No matter what the assignment, I like to see 100% effort from every student.