Mr. Ken Milano
Mr. Ken Milano

7th Grade Math
8th Grade Math

Welcome to Mr. Milano's Junior High Math Class

South Central Middle School uses the 2016 Glencoe eBooks as our curriculum. We also follow the New Illinois State Standards (formerly known as the Common Core). I teach the class with three major principles in mind. The first is to learn math, my goal is to lay a mathematical foundation that will help my students advance in their mathematical careers. The second is to learn study skills, school is much more than any one subject and I hope to help my students learn to succeed in all of them. The final one is life skills, while not every lesson will be applicable to every student's life, underlying aspect such as following directions, completion of task, problem solving skills, and many more will be.

In a normal day the students will, but will not be limited to:
  • Grading yesterday's assignment
  • Answering questions about the lesson/homework from the previous day
  • Taking notes over the next skill
  • Individual, student-led, and teacher-led problems
  • Individual work on homework/or individuals who are struggling will get small group teacher attention
  • Open study hall if time permits
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