6th-8th Grade P.E.

whistleYour student will be taking P.E. all year.  Your student will need a pair of clean shoes, white t-shirt, and navy blue shorts.  P.E. uniforms are available for a small fee in the office.  When we are outside, students need to have shoes that are closed toed (no boots or flip-flops) that are acceptable for running.  We will be doing a variety of activities: softball, track, badminton, pickleball, volleyball, basketball, skating, bowling, archery, washers, tepakraw, frisbee golf, flag football, ultimate frisbee, Fitness Gram, kickball, dodgeball, handball, and team games.  Each student's grade will be based on participation.  A 5 point deduction will be given for not dressing.  Every quarter your student will be given a free dress that will not count against their grade.  We also have an athlete of the month, where the students can do a small report on an athlete that is on the bulletin board.  This will gain the student bonus points for that quarter.

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