Lother's 5th Grade Spelling

Each week we will have a 15 word list.  There will be 5 basic words, which will practice a new skill, 5 review words, which will be from the previous week's list, and 5 challenge words that correlate to the new skill being taught.  Challenge words are always bonus and do not count against the student.  Students are required to master each basic and review word.  Any words missed on Friday's test will be added onto the next week's test.

A useful website is 
www.SpellingCity.com/jlother.  Click on the link on the right.  All word lists are on this site and it offers free games to practice the words.


Students are given a Spelling Menu each week for homework. There are three categories with three assignments under each category. They are to complete one assignment from each category, making a total of three assignments, by the Thursday before the test.

Spelling City

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